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To preserve your bright, healthy smile, you need to do more than brush and floss twice a day. You need professional dental exams at least once every six months. At Roger Gershfeld, DMD in the Hollywood area of Los Angeles, you can keep or get your oral health in excellent shape with preventive exams, X-rays, thorough cleanings, and oral cancer screenings. To learn more about the practice’s general dentistry services, book an appointment online or over the phone today.

General Dentistry Q & A

What happens at a dental exam?

Professional dental exams can help prevent problems or catch them before they become serious. Regular exams can prevent the development of tooth decay, gum disease and many other oral health problems.

Dr. Gershfeld examines your teeth visually for signs of plaque, tartar, and tooth decay. He also looks closely at your gums to look for puffiness or discoloration, which can be signs of gum disease. He may also order X-rays to examine the internal structure and roots of your teeth. Furthermore, Dr. Gershfeld performs a screening for oral cancer, because early detection and treatment can give you a better chance of overcoming cancer.

Following a dental exam, you may schedule a professional cleaning.

What should I expect during a dental X-ray?

Dr. Gershfeld may recommend you undergo a full set of dental X-rays so he can see the structure beneath the surfaces of your teeth and below the gumline.

Modern dental X-rays are safe, fast, and comfortable. You will be given a digital X-ray, which will produce a high-quality image of your teeth that can be viewed almost instantly by Dr. Gershfeld on a monitor.

Digital X-rays reduce your exposure to radiation by up to 90% while still providing exceptional images that can help identify potential problems, even in their earliest stages.

For some cosmetic corrections, Dr. Gershfeld may also perform intraoral photography. With this, he can capture images of cavities, fractures, discolorations, and bite misalignments with a 35mm or digital camera.

What happens during a teeth cleaning?

A professional teeth cleaning removes extra plaque and tartar deposits that can build up on your teeth and can’t be removed by brushing and flossing. At Roger Gershfeld, DMD, the experienced staff offers laser teeth cleaning, also called ultrasonic cleaning. During the procedure, an ultrasonic scaler removes deposits and eliminates bacteria around your teeth and gums using high-frequency sound waves. This procedure replaces the manual probe that is traditionally used to remove plaque.

Laser cleanings tend to be faster and quieter than manual scalings and, as a bonus, are usually pain-free. In cases of serious buildup or gum disease, you may need a deep cleaning called scaling and root planing.

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